Cooperative Study Groups

Study groups are a way to prepare for exams together with fellow students, flanked by university students collaborating with the Orientation Service.

The initiative sets out to prevent any sense of isolation or students dropping out of courses, and is a support aid for incoming students, helping them in the transition from secondary school by assisting in individual study planning, encouraging the sharing of ideas and study methods, promoting course attendance and the use of university structures, socialising and active learning.

Group activity does not replace individual study. On the contrary, it sets out to optimise this effort. These are not private lessons but rather a form of cooperative and interactive study. Practical group activity will help students and contributes to academic success.

If you are in your first year and having problems with the first exams, if you have only recently arrived in Italy and feel the need to improve your language skills, or if you merely wish to try an active study method in a group, contact the University’s Orientation Service for more information:

Servizio Orientamento di Ateneo
tel. 0161 261527 / 0161 228428