Work Placements and Internships

An internship is an on-site training period with a company, organisation or institution. It concludes the university course and offers alternate job and study solutions for useful work experience, to aid students in their professional and career choices.

You can apply for these types of internship:

  • curricular: (if consistent with your university programme) to check and explore in depth topics introduced in theory lessons, guiding your future professional choices
  • extra-curricular: if you undertake the opportunity within twelve months of graduating. It is a practical opportunity for on-the-job training, designed to establish direct contact with the company/organisation offering the internship, supply professional skills and facilitate your entrance to the job market.

A curricular internship is generally unpaid, but you may accumulate academic credits and it can be added to your student/professional CV.

An extra-curricular internship (on-the-job training), on the other hand, is paid at minimum wage levels established by the relevant regional rules currently in place.

Remember that, in all cases, the internship agreement is not a work contract or job offer.

If you are already familiar with the activation procedure for a work placement, go straight to the Student Services website, click here and proceed to the placements database.