Complete the AlmaLaurea questionnaire

AlmaLaurea is an innovative service that provides online CVs of graduates, professional training graduates and research doctorate post-graduates, acting as an intermediary between universities and companies.

End-of-course questionnaire

The Università del Piemonte Orientale and AlmaLaurea asks all students who are finishing their study programmes (undergraduate degrees, Masters, research doctorates) at the university to complete an online questionnaire, designed with two objectives:

  • To collect evaluations and comments on the university experience in order to monitor study programmes and teaching, and analyse the features and performance of those who have completed their studies (undergraduate degrees, Masters, research doctorates) in order to improve the university offer. It is possible to consult the research results on the Almalaurea website
  • To store students’ CVs in order to help them enter the job market; to this end, the student’s data will be made available to companies and organisations that request it.

If you are in the process of completing your undergraduate degree: complete this questionnaire

If you are completing a Master’s  degree: complete this questionnaire

If you are completing a PhD research doctorate: complete this questionnaire


For assistance

  • For problems or doubts on the procedure, contact the relevant Student Services Office
  • For problems logging into the university portal, write to:
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  • To contact the AlmaLaurea Graduates service:Contacts
  • For further information:  What is AlmaLaurea