What is AlmaLaurea?


AlmaLaurea is an inter-university consortium, in which we have participated since it was founded. It is an essential point of convergence between young people, universities and companies.

There are two goals:

  • To collect information and assessment reports from graduates for the universities, stating their university studies and employment status. Analysis of data collected and the statistics are made available to the public and may help young people make their university and career choices, while guiding university administrators in planning educational programmes and activities
  • To provide online CVs of newly-graduated students and graduates who already have work experience. The database acquires an additional 150,000 new CVs every year (translated into English) and is a unique recruitment tool in Italy in terms of size, quality and prompt updating.

The system deals with two main areas: “Graduate Profiles” and “Employment Status of Graduates”.

For the “Graduate Profiles”, all students are asked to a complete a questionnaire when they graduate, in complete confidentiality. They are asked to evaluate their courses and provide personal CV details. This data, collected and stored anonymously, is used by the MUIR to evaluate universities, and by AlmaLaurea to complete graduate survey results. Part of the documentation is used to create your online CV which will be stored in the database subject to your consent, and is visible to companies searching for recent graduates to hire.

As regards the “Graduate Employment Status”, one year (in some cases, three or five years) after graduation, students are asked to reply to an interview about their study/work experience in the meantime. Thanks to the information supplied, it is possible to know graduate employment figures and data (contract, earnings, match between studies and job, etc) while fully protecting and respecting your privacy. This information helps the university system to improve the programmes offered and policies for introduction to the job market.


Who is it for?

For Graduates

Thanks to your comments at the end of your studies, you can help improve your university, assisting those who come after you and those who create surveys to monitor how your professional preparation equips you for the workplace. You can compare your university results with those of other courses and universities, and make yourself visible on the market for Italian and foreign companies. Remember to keep your CV up-to-date, in both Italian and English versions. Updated CVs are in fact more popular with public and private companies. It takes just a few moments of your time…

For High School leavers

The experience gathered by AlmaLaurea through university and employment status surveys after graduation has allowed the creation of AlmaOrièntati, a guidance service for university course choices run by a team of experts (psychologists, statisticians and sociologists).

For universities

Every year, AlmaLaurea collects and analyses documentation and evaluations from all graduates on their university studies, offering an insight into the future of the human resources now entering the job market. The results, forwarded to the MIUR and university administrators, guide the programming of courses and influence the awarding of ministerial funds to universities on the basis of specific indicators.

For businesses

AlmaLaurea is a reliable and quick tool for the hiring of new or experienced graduates, a databank that can offer CVs approved by the university and with over 100 search parameters. The growing number of companies that use the database – hundreds of thousands of CVs are seen each year – is the best indicator of its reliability: a register of professionals for public/private companies and professional firms wishing to employ graduates.