How to enrol at UPO

If you are an international student and wish to enrol on any Italian university course, you must comply with the regulations of the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research, which state the number of places available on each course. The Ministry has established different categories of “international student”:

  • Non-EU students resident abroad
  • EU students
  • international students who are officially resident in Italy
  • Italian students with a qualification obtained abroad

Regulations vary according to the type of course you intend to enrol on: degree (undergraduate, Master’s or single cycle), a non-medical specialisation school, advanced training course,  Italian specialist Master’s of I or II level, or a single course/module. Before visiting the Student Services Office, check your personal documents and consult the ministerial regulations on this webpage

If you hold an academic or professional qualification from a foreign university, refer to the conversion platform Qualifyme!

To enrol, follow the specific procedure set out on Universitaly.


The deadline for submission of pre-enrolment applications for undergraduate and Master’s degrees (including Single Cycle Master’s degrees) at UPO, for international students who require a study visa, is 5 October 2021.
Pre-enrolment applications submitted to UNIVERSITALY after the deadline cannot be considered for approval.