Framework agreements for teaching and research

Cooperation Framework Agreements are tools that the University uses to strengthen relations with universities and research centres abroad.

The aim of such an agreement is to promote and optimise research/teaching collaboration through a reciprocal exchange of teaching staff, researchers and students, along with the creation of shared educational/training programmes. The agreement also sets out to promote collaboration and participation in research projects.

There are different types of Agreement:

  • Framework Agreeement, cooperation agreement for general purposes
  • Executive protocol, which specify in detail collaborative issues and/or specific projects
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), a statement of convergence of will


Universiteti i Shkodrës "Luigj Gurakuqi" (Albania)Davide Maggi (DiSEI)
LEPL – International Education Center (ICE) (Georgia)Lia Rimondini (DiSS)
Cardiff University – Cardiff (Regno Unito)Mauro Ravera (DiSIT) Elisabetta Gabano (DiSIT)
University American College Skopje (Rep. Macedonia)Lucrezia Songini (DiSEI)
Goce Delcev University (Rep. Macedonia)Lia Rimondini (DiSS)
Universitatea "1 Decembrie 1918" – Alba Iulia (Romania)Alberto Cassone (DiGSPES)
National Research University "Higher School of Economics" (Russia)Stefania Sini (DiSUm)
Saint-Petersburg State University of Engineering and Economics (Russia)Alessandra Faraudello (DiSEI)
Universidad Miguel Hernández – Elche (Spagna)Tracey Pirali (DiSF)
Universidad de Granada (Spagna)Stefano Fenoglio (DiSIT)
Universidad de La Rioja (Spagna)Marcella Trambaioli (DiSUM)
Odessa National Economic University (Ucraina)Stefania Sini (DiSUm)
Martin Zagler (DiSEI)
Universitas Debreceniensis, Debrecen (Ungheria)Mauro Botta (DiSIT)

  North America

Stevens Institute of Technology (USA) Capizzi (DISEI)

  Central and South America

Universidad Nacional del Litoral (Argentina) Nunez (DiGSPES)
Universidad Nacional de Rosario – Rosario (Argentina) Fracchia (DFARM)
Universidade Estadual de Campinas - Campinas, São Paulo (Brasile) Marchese (DiSIT)
La Pontificia Universidad de Valparaiso (Cile)www.pucv.clRodrigo Nunez (DiGSPES)
Universidad de Cartagena (Colombia) Luther (DiGSPES)


Ishik University (Iraq - Kurdistan Region) Clericuzio (DiSIT)
Bar Ilan University (Israele) Bianca Gardella (DiSEI)
Sichuan Cancer Hospital and Institute (SCH) (Cina) Krengli (DIMET)