Guidelines for the reopening of the University premises with full capacity

the epidemiological framework has recently changed; it currently allows to provide all the services in presence. We can get back to normal in complete safety.

Last 25th October UPO Academic Senate acknowledged the latest Universities Regional Committee guidelines regarding the reopening with full capacity. On this basis, UPO defined its own guidelines.

Starting from 2nd November 2021, all the following activities will be delivered in presence, with full occupation of all University premises, in strict compliance with the EU Covid Digital Certificate ("Green Pass") policy, the Personal Protective Equipment prescriptions and all the hygiene and safety requirements to prevent and reduce the risk of contagion:

  • class attendance; attendance of readings and of all other educational and curricular activities;
  • educational and research laboratory activities;
  • attendance of PhD activities;
  • internship activities aimed at developing prototypes or experimental systems;
  • special projects of innovative and multidisciplinary education;
  • internships and working experiences outside the University;
  • educational and experiential activities of postgraduate and master courses;
  • library services;
  • access to study rooms;
  • student reception;
  • written and oral exams;
  • degree exams and related proclamations;
  • medical specialization exams;
  • any further educational activity.

To access the facilities, you have to book a seat via Upofrequency app.

Until 30th November 2021, UPO will guarantee teaching activities via live streaming to those who are not able to attend classes in person.

Starting from 1st December 2021, teaching activities will be provided in presence exclusively.

Students who are in the situation of certified physical fragility, of positivity to Covid, of quarantine, and who therefore cannot attend teaching or curricular activities in presence, will be allowed to follow classes via live streaming (Google Meet or Zoom). These students must communicate their situation of incapacity by filling out a form that will be made available as soon as possible. The Student Service Office will forward the lists of these students to the teachers. These students can also take their exams remotely, but must send a prior email to


NB — According to Rector's Decree n. 1014 (26th August 2020), these are the students who can be considered in a situation of fragility:

  • students who have a certified recognition of severe disability (Law 104/1992, art. 3, par. 3);
  • students who have a certificate issued by the competent medical-legal bodies, which attests a risk condition deriving from immunosuppression or from outcomes of oncological pathologies or from the performance of related life-saving therapies, (L. 104/1992, art. 3, par. 1)
  • students who have written documentation of a certified situation of fragility certified by the MD of the health body of the place of residence or by the competent University MD (this latter, for PhD students and students who attend the laboratories).