Materials Science - Chemistry (Phased out)
Degree programme
3-year undergraduate
Course title (Classe)
Classe: L - 27 – Scienze e tecnologie chimiche
Access type
3 Years
Course Director
Student Services Office

c/o Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici 

Via G. Ferraris, 107

Teaching locations

Vercelli, Piazza S. Eusebio 5

Course overview

This course offers an excellent grounding in mathematics, chemistry and physics along with specific content on the preparation, character and applications of materials. You will study in a welcoming atmosphere, supported by top-class tutoring. Materials science is essential in research and technology innovation. During your course you will acquire a working knowledge of chemistry and physics of condensed matter, and develop operative and laboratory skills. As well as allowing access to the Master’s degree, this degree will also give you career opportunities in companies and organisations that carry out research and development of innovative materials.

Erasmus agreements

Erasmus partner institutions

  • Spain: “Miguel De Cervantes” (Valladolid), Saragozza, Granada, Cordoba, Seville, Politécnica de Catalunya (Barcelona). 
  • France: Nantes, Sophia-Antipolis (Nice), Lumière 2 (Lyons). 
  • Poland: PJ-IIT (Warsaw). 
  • Portugal: Nova (Lisbon)
Key features
  • A course that is strongly interdisciplinary between chemistry and physics
  • Cutting edge teaching method with advanced technology laboratories
  • Acquisition of knowledge about polymers, ceramic materials, metals, composites and semiconductors
  • Internship of 250 hours in the third year
  • Possibility of continuing your studies with one of the Master’s degrees available in the fields of chemistry, physics and engineering
Career and employment opportunities
  • In manufacturing or research environments that work on improvement of existing materials’ performance and the development of new materials.
  • Roles as junior researcher and/or supervisor of process and quality control in small/medium-sized companies.
  • Roles of technical support in medium-large companies
  • In the commercial sector, in the sales departments of small/medium/large companies that require expertise in materials and related areas.