Health Professional Educator
Educazione professionale
Degree programme
3-year undergraduate
Course title (Classe)
L/SNT2 – Rehabilitation services
Access type
3 Years
Course Director
Student Services Office

Alessandria, Corso T. Borsalino 42

Teaching locations

Alessandria, Via Cavour 84

Accessing the course

Thursday 5 September 2024 (Information on test)
Places available - 75

Course overview

This professional degree course qualifies the graduate as a Professional Healthcare Educator, according to the terms laid down by the M.D. of the Ministry of Health 8 October 1998 no. 520 and subsequent amendments and additions. A professional educator is the social/health worker who implements specific educational and rehabilitation projects, as part of a therapeutic project developed by a multidisciplinary team and aimed at balanced development of the individual with educational / relational objectives in a context of participation and restoral to daily life; the educator assists the positive insertion or psychosocial reintegration of the vulnerable/people in difficulty.

The professional educator plays a key role in numerous educational and rehabilitation interventions within the social, health, socio-health, rehabilitation and socio-educational services.

Erasmus agreements
  • Francia: Sophia-Antipolis (Nizza), Nantes
  • Germania: Marburg
  • Grecia: Patrasso
  • Polonia: Wroclaw
  • Portogallo: Lisbona
  • Spagna: Granada, Almeria, "Rovira i Virgili" (Tarragona), Valladolid  
Key features

A degree in Professional Healthcare Education qualifies a graduate to practise in public and private structures, also as a freelancer.

A professional educator deals with the design and implementation of educational interventions aimed at overall development of the individual, and social integration of individuals in difficult conditions: psychophysical handicaps, relational difficulties, and problematic family situations.

The professional educator works in residential rehabilitation, socio-educational or social-health structures with a residential or semi-residential format, in day-care services, in reception and integration services for citizens of Third Countries seeking asylum or holders of international protection, in labour integration and social inclusion services, in the hospital system, in regional services, in services aimed at minors or adults subject to judicial authority measures, in health prevention / promotion services, and in university training and research.

Career and employment opportunities

The professional educator plans, manages and verifies educational interventions aimed at restoring and developing the potential of those in difficulty, to achieve increasingly advanced levels of autonomy; he/she contributes to promoting and organising social and health structures and resources, in order to implement the integrated educational project; planning, organising, managing and monitoring activities within socio-health services and socio-health-rehabilitation and socio-educational structures, in a coordinated and integrated way with other professional figures within the structures, with direct involvement of the parties involved and / or their families, groups, the community; he/she works with the families and social context of patients, in order to promote reintegration into the community; he/she participates in study, research and documentation activities aimed at achieving the purposes listed above.