Degree programme
3-year undergraduate
Course title (Classe)
L/SNT1 – Professioni sanitarie, infermieristiche e professione sanitaria ostetrica

State-regulated: no. 360 places

Novara 108+2 places reserved for non-EU students
Alessandria 94+1 place reserved for non-EU students
Vercelli 59+1 place reserved for non-EU students
Biella 59+1 place reserved for non-EU students
Verbania 34+1 place reserved for non-EU students


8 September 2020 (Information about test)


School of Medicine / Department of Translational Medicine

Student Services Office
Teaching locations

Novara , Alessandria , Biella ,Verbania  e Vercelli.

Course Director

Course overview

Nurses are health professionals who provide general nursing assistance; this includes preventive, healing, and rehabilitation care. Either directly or by supervising assistants, the nurse supplies his/her services for all people, regardless of age. The nurse helps people protect their own health or tackle illness, and offers aid and assistance when a person is in a serious life-threatening condition. He /she helps identify an individual’s and community’s nursing needs, and participates in diagnostic/ therapeutic diagnosis.

Key course features

  • Interdisciplinary nature
  • Internationalisation
  • Innovation

Erasmus partner institutions

  • France: Sophia-Antipolis (Nice)
  • Germany: Marburg
  • Greece: Patras
  • Poland: Wroclaw
  • Portugal: Lisbon
  • Spain: “La Laguna” (Tenerife), "Rovira i Virgili" (Tarragona), Valladolid, "San Jorge"(Saragozza)

Career and employment options

This course qualifies students to work in the Nursing profession, in public and private health structures, whether as an employee or as a freelancer.