Economic, Political and Social Sciences
Degree programme
3-year undergraduate
Course title (Classe)
Classe L-16 – Scienze dell'amministrazione e dell'organizzazione e L-36 – Scienze politiche e delle relazioni internazionali



Department of Law and Political, Economic and Social Sciences



Student Services Office
Teaching locations

Alessandria, via Cavour 84

Course Director

Course overview

This course allows you to select between four tracks (administrative, economic, sociological, historic-political) according to your own strengths and personal preference. Over the three years, you will acquire many interdisciplinary skills that will prove useful in the workplace – whether in public administration, private companies, and the tertiary sector, or as an expert consultant in political, economic and social issues. You will also develop a strong sense of critical thinking that will help you manouevre in today’s society and respond effectively to its ongoing transformation.

Key features

  • A strongly interdisciplinary course (you can study law, economics, sociology, history and politics)
  • Direct and friendly relationship with lecturers
  • Development of critical thinking to accurately interpret the world today
  • Wide choice of study periods abroad (Erasmus e Free-Mover) 
  • Strong links with the region (we continue to assist you after graduation)
  • Option to continue your education with a Master’s degree (two-year programmes)

Erasmus partner institutions

  • Bulgaria: "National and World Economics" (Sofia). 
  • Czech Republic: Hradec, Masaryk (Brno). 
  • Finland: Tampere. 
  • France: Savoie (Chambéry), Sud-Toulon-Var (Tolone), Sophia-Antipolis (Nice), Rouen, Rennes I, Reims-Champagne-Ardenne (Reims), Catholique de Lyon, Paris Nanterres (Paris), Montpellier, Strasbourg. 
  • Germany: Treviri, Marburg. Lithuania: Kaunas. Malta: Malta (Msida). Poland: “Karol Adamiecki Economiczny” (Katowice), “Jagellllonsky” (Krakow), "Lazarki School of commerce and law" (Warsaw). 
  • Portugal: Castelo Branco, Lisbon, Porto. 
  • United Kingdom: Winchester. 
  • Romania: “1 Decembrie 1918” (Alba Iulia). 
  • Spain: Alicante, "Miguel Hernandez" (Elche), Jaen, Murcia, La Laguna (Tenerife), "Rovira i Virgili" (Tarragona).

Career and employment opportunities

  • Roles in public administration (local, regional, national) and cultural organisations
  • Economic managers or specialists in companies, banks and insurance agencies
  • Careers in European and international institutions
  • Research activity in research departments, communication agencies, political analysis departments and data management
  • Consultancy work in companies and public administration
  • Roles in the Tertiary Sector (non-profit organisations, cultural associations, international cooperation, intercultural mediation, event organisation)