24 Pre-competition academic credits (CFU)


The “Government Budget Law for financial year 2019 and 3-year budget for the period 2019-2021” published in the Official Gazette as Law 145/18, modifies the regulations on recruitment of teaching staff for secondary schools (lower and upper).

Law 145/18, para.792 specifically modifies Legislative Decree no.59 of 13 April 2017 which established the FIT track, by revoking said procedure and introducing an “Annual process of initial training and examination” open to those who are successful in a public competition.

Participation in the competition is subject to being in possession of the requisites of the category and 24 academic credits in specific fields. The law states that these credits can be acquired from university courses (curricular or additional/elective) including Specialist Master’s degrees, research doctorates and Schools of Specialisation, as well as from single extracurricular exams.

The current regulation in force regarding 24 academic credits is Ministerial Decree no. 616 of 10 August 2017 which defines the Scientific Disciplinary Sectors of the following fields:

  • Area A – Education, special educational needs, and inclusive teaching
  • Area B – Psychology
  • Area C – Anthropology
  • Area D – Teaching methodologies and technologies

Specifically, the Ministerial Decree no. 616 of 10 August 2017 requires the possession of at least 6 credits in at least 3 of the 4 subject areas.

Ways to acquire the 24 pre-competition academic credits

The 24 academic credits may be acquired, fully or partly, via:

  1. courses offered by the university
  2. a specific procedure activated in Piedmont by CIFIS


1. Courses offered by the Department

Ministerial Decree 616/2017 states that course credits may be recognised for courses that are congruent in terms of goals and content, compliant with appendices A and B of the decree.

These credits may be pursued by the student as part of his/her university studies or may be acquired after the degree in single module exams.

For information on certification of the 24 academic credits, visit the webpage Certification of 24 Academic Credits 

2. CIFIS procedure for acquisition of the 24 academic credits

For information on this procedure, visit the  official website of CIFIS Piemonte