Management and Finance
Degree programme
2-year Master’s
Course title (Classe)
LM-77 – Scienze economico-aziendali

Unrestricted numbers, subject to entrance test.

Admission to this Master’s degree programme is subject to satisfying curricular requirements (applicable to graduates from any university) and the individual academic preparation of each candidate. Articolo 10-Regolamento didattico.


An Entrance Evaluation Test is set, to check whether the candidate has the correct educational background and preparation to undertake the Master’s degree CT LM-77 Business Management and Finance. (Exempt from test: Graduates in “Business and Economics” from the former 4-year academic system or the new 3-year undergraduate system, within our faculty (now DISEI) or Economics departments in other universities, in the following courses - L-18 or L-33 as specified in law D.M. 270/2004 and CT. 17 or CT. 28 as specified in law D.M. 509/99, and graduates in engineering management CT. 9 and 10 as specified in law D.M. 509/99 and CT. L-8 and L-9 as specified in law D.M. 270/2004; also exempt – graduates from our faculty in possession of a 3-year undergraduate degree in “Tourism Marketing and Event Management” L-15 ex D.M. 270/2004 and CT. 30 ex D.M. 509/99, if the final mark in the 3-year degree was 90/110 or higher).  The syllabus and procedure for the Evaluation Test will be published on the DISEI department website page for this programme. The first test session is scheduled for early September 2020 and the second for December 2020.


Department of Studies for Economics and Business

Student Services Office
Teaching locations

Novara, via Perrone 18

Course Director

Course overview

The Management and Finance course is divided into three curricula – Finance, Human Resources and Marketing, and Operations Management – and is based on the principle that managers of financial resources, human resources, industrial operations and marketing policies play an important strategic role in the competitivity of modern companies, whatever their size, and their success in the mid-to-long term. From this perspective, the Master’s degree in Management and Finance is designed to supply specialist knowledge for the training of professionals in the three management fields. The Finance curriculum deals with management of financial resources, both in non-financial sector companies and in financial/insurance-based service providers. The Human Resources curriculum looks at the selection, development and evaluation of personnel in terms of efficient integration of this activity within overall company management strategies. Marketing and Operations Management provides the tools for accurate definition of processes aimed at acquisition and maintenance of long-term competitivity. The Master’s degree in Management and Finance aims to unite a practical-operational approach with an overall perspective that takes into account internal and external business factors.

Key features

  • This degree offers three highly professional tracks that respond to the needs of the workplace: Finance, Marketing and Operations Management, and Human Resources. The management of financial resources, human resources and marketing strategies, and industry operations management all play important strategic roles in modern business competitivity.
  • The course has been developed thanks to collaboration with professionals and experts from the business and service-provider worlds – these experts also take part in the teaching activity through Elective Courses: the purpose of these courses is to allow direct contact between students and industry, and create alignment between demand and supply of specialist skills.
  • other unique features of this course are: innovative teaching methods (also in English language), study opportunities abroad, the acquisition of digital and soft skills, and participation in business contests. An excellent faculty and the presence of Visiting Professors from abroad allow teaching activity and research on a variety of advanced topics; the excellent teacher/student ratio guarantees productive interaction.
  • students who follow the Master’s degree programme with DISEI graduate more quickly than the national average and are generally more satisfied with their chosen course (source: AlmaLaurea, Graduates of 2015 Profile, XVIII Survey 2016).
  • DISEI students may study/work abroad via the Erasmus and Free-Mover programmes;
  • the teaching location is Novara (28km from Malpensa airport, and 40km from Milan). The Department is located on a modern university campus, equipped with residential halls for students from other cities/countries.

Erasmus partner institutions

  • Belgium: Vives (Kortrijk), Mons. 
  • Czech Republic: VSEM (Prague). 
  • Denmark: VIA University (Horsens). 
  • France: Lille 1, Savoie. 
  • Germany: Regensburg, Trier. 
  • Latvia: Banku (Riga). 
  • Greece: Piraeus (Aigaleo), Kavala
  • Lithuania: Kaunas. 
  • Malta: Msida. 
  • Portugal: Castelo Branco, Coimbra, Leiria, Tomar, Viseu. 
  • Spain: Central de Cataluna (Barcellona), Girona, Malaga, Jaén, La Laguna (Tenerife), "Pablo de Olavide" (Seville), Santiago de Compostela. 
  • Hungary: Sopron.

Career and employment options

Experts in tackling business issues from an overall perspective coordinated with company management, and planning and management of modifications to business strategy/structure; management roles for financial service providers, insurance and finance companies (or other companies seeking services in this field); specialist roles in business and strategy management; managerial roles in marketing, retail and logistics; HR managerial, organisation and development roles in consulting agencies, recruitment and head-hunter agencies, administration and employment agencies.

Other professional roles: experts in management and administration of private companies; accounting roles; tax consultants, financial activity specialists, experts in purchasing and sale of goods and services; market analysts.


 Candidates interested in enrolling for the academic year 2020-2021 [VC1] can view the curriculum via the drop-down menu, clicking on the relative programmes:

  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing and Operations Management

For more detailed information and a list of topics covered, please refer to the Department website. For further information, please contact For information on Elective Courses 2020-2021, please refer to the website page: Elective Courses of MEF

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