Chemical sciences
Degree programme
2-year Master’s
Course title (Classe)
LM - 54 (Scienze chimiche)

Unrestricted numbers. Graduates admitted from: L-27 (DM 270/2004), former Course 21 (DM 509/1999). Other degree courses or qualifications from abroad: admitted subject to the collection of 72 ETCS (credits) in the fields of CHEM, PHYSICS and MATH (at least 42 in CHEM and at least 18 in PHYSICS and MATH). 


Department of Science, Innovation and Technology

Teaching locations

Alessandria, viale T. Michel 11    

Course Director

Course overview

This programme offers a solid education in advanced chemistry, with courses on analytical, physical, inorganic, organic and macromolecular chemistry. Each theory course is flanked by laboratory work, essential for professional chemistry training. You will learn how to understand molecular phenomena, and gain familiarity with basic and applied research tools. You may complete your dissertation either in-company or on-site at the university, exploring topics of your choice. You can benefit from immediate career opportunities in industry, research laboratories, analysis and quality control, or gain access to doctorate programmes and post-graduate specialist training.


Key features

  • Advanced course in Chemistry for Life Sciences, Materials Chemistry and Applied Analytical Chemistry
  • Innovative teaching methods with advanced technology laboratories
  • Strong ties with manufacturing companies in the region and further afield
  • Guidance and support when applying for Erasmus and Free-Mover programmes
  • Option to complete the dissertation in collaboration with a local company/authority.

Erasmus partner institutions

  • Spain: “Miguel De Cervantes” (Valladolid), Saragozza, Granada, Cordova, Seville, Politécnica de Catalunya (Barcelona). 
  • France: Nantes, Sophia-Antipolis (Nice), Lumière 2 (Lyons). 
  • Poland: PJ-IIT (Warsaw). 
  • Portugal: Nova (Lisbon), University of Debrecen (Debrecen).

Career and employment options

  • Scientific research at universities and research centres worldwide.
  • Research and Development roles in companies and public/private institutes
  • Positions of responsibility in companies and/or institutes that operate in traditional chemistry sectors (general and fine chemicals), of new materials, health, pharmaceuticals, food and energy.
  • Investigative/management roles in the fields of safety, environmental protection, industrial quality;
  • In the commercial sector, in companies that require chemical expertise for the sales, marketing and customer assistance departments
  • Freelance/Consultancy activity, subject to passing the State Exam and registering on Section A of the Chemists’ Register.