There are three Novara hubs:

  • the Perrone Complex, in what was once a military barracks – the Perrone Caserma. It is designed as a huge urban link, a bridge between the historic and modern areas of the city, with an independent structure and buildings that are connected functionally. Currently there are the L-shaped building; the Campus, the student halls/accommodation, the library, the auditorium and the canteen (soon to be inaugurated). This site hosts the Department of Economics and Business Studies, and the courses of the School of Medicine, as well as the degree course for Law
  • the Complex of Sant’Agabio, which comprises the area that was once home to the Cotonificio Wild (largo Donergani) and the building designed by Renzo Piano for the Experimental Institute for Light Metals (Via Bovio).  This site hosts the Department of Pharmacy
  • Palazzo Bellini in via Solaroli, home to the medical sector (School of Medicine, Departments of Translational Medicine and Health Sciences), in the block of the Ospedale Maggiore della Carità, housing the university clinics.

Joining these are the premises of the Salesian Institute in via Lanino, which host the Simnova and Crimedim centres.