Disciplinary Panel


The Disciplinary panel is the university body that takes disciplinary action against teachers and researchers when necessary, and expresses the final judgment as laid down in para. 10 of Law 240/10. It works according to the principle of peer judgement and cross-examination.

It is organised as follows:

I Section: Full Professors

Full Member: Prof. Chiara Tripodina
Full Member: Prof. Gian Cesare Tron
Full Member: Prof. Mario Valletta

Substitute Member: Prof. Eliana Baici
Substitute Member: Prof. Gianluca Mori

II Section: Associate Professors

Full Member: Prof. Laurence Audéoud
Full Member: Prof. Mauro Patrone
Full Member: Prof. Fabrizia Santini

Substitute Member: Prof. Rita Carini
Substitute Member: Prof. Maria Antonietta Ligios

III Section: Confirmed Researchers

Full Member: Dr Giuseppe Digilio
Full Member: Dr Silvia Fallarini
Full Member: Dr Vito Rubino

Substitute Member: Dr Donato Colangelo
Substitute Member: Dr Vittorio Tigrino